3 Essentials for Getting It Done as a Group

In the early 90’s I was in a training class at Accenture (Andersen Consulting at the time) when this slide was shown and discussed:

vision with action can change the world

It resonated with me strongly, both in terms of a way to look at our client work, and my own personal thinking/doing balance.

At SchellingPoint, where my world is groups rapidly assembling valuable, viable, and endorsed plans that get done, we use a modified version:

shared vision with coordinated action from alignment

  1. Shared vision – not just mine. What outcomes do ‘we’ want?
  2. Coordinated action – what we each do, not just what I do.
  3. Will change the world, not ‘can’. Not very interested in ‘can’.  Why bother if it’s only ‘can’? If it is ‘will’, let’s ask for the time, effort, mental energy, management attention, and other constrained resources to get it done.

I hope this sentence inspires you the way it does me.


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