Collaboration Architects

Trained and Certified in our Concepts, Methods, and Technology

Beyond our trained customers, SchellingPoint operates a global network of Collaboration Architects, who help groups conduct strategic collaborations and mature their collaboration capability.

Certified Collaboration Architect

  • Collaboration Architects possess the rare ability to take a new business need through to sustained positive impact - start to finish.
  • Collaboration Architects are able to combine deep domain expertise with contemporary collaboration methods and technologies, to unique business needs.
  • Collaboration Architects can facilitate groups of leaders and executives to design and produce their greatest impact.
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The most successful groups are guided by an individual who knows each step for turning new business needs into sustained positive impacts.

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Collaboration Architect Partners


For Leaders and Managers

  • When you don’t have SchellingPoint strategic collaboration software or skills available in-house, use one of our partners.
  • Our partners bring you the most advanced collaboration tools and techniques so your group will be successful.
  • Whether the group is within your organization or includes people from one or multiple other organizations, we have you covered in any industry, discussing any topic.

Contact us and we’ll work with you to identify the right Collaboration Architect for your needs.

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For Consultants

  • You have deep subject matter expertise, are smart and creative – and want the latest how-to for taking a group straight from need to impact.
  • Enhance your value proposition and project success with state-of-the-art-and-science collaboration tools and techniques.
  • For strategy development, transformation, process improvement, business relationships, programs, alliances, change management, and similar advisory and facilitation roles.

Use SchellingPoint with your clients only, or bring your talent to bear at ours, too. Contact us to learn how.