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Strategic Collaboration empowered by SchellingPoint

We empower groups with a shared topic to define and deliver results
On-Benefit, On-Time, and On-Cost (OBTC™)

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Smart People Need to be Able to Work Together

In today’s complex, competitive world, people must work together to solve, invent, organize, merge and streamline with others inside, across, and between organizations. We’ve been trying since the 1970s. . . but most collaboration remains a frustrating and time-consuming ordeal.

Strategic Collaboration is Now Done Differently

Based on behavioral science, Nobel Prize-winning insight, and years of applied research, SchellingPoint has developed a different approach. It ensures the right people have the right conversations in the right order with the essential information and powerful techniques.

State-of-the-art hybrid collaboration using SchellingPoint
A team leader celebrating success with their team members.

A Better Way, Three Times More Successful!

With 1/3 of the effort, a higher quality solution – that considers more ideas from more participants for full endorsement – makes the implementation faster and smoother. . . whether you’re a group of five leaders, a 50-person project team, or a 5,000-person global transformation task force.

A group collaborating around an important business topic.