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Powering your coordinated action
Enabling Every Group to Act as We

Our Mission

Despite smart, knowledgeable, and well-meaning participants, too few initiatives achieve on-benefit, on-time, on-cost.

We funded SchellingPoint to learn why groups struggle moving from “We each think this…” to “We all agree to do that…” onto “We did it.”

Any group should be able to come together around a shared topic and quickly leave acting as ‘We.’ 

Their goals should be the most accurate, their plans viable and genuinely endorsed, with implementation adjusting to new realities.

Coordinated action. Pure flow. Shared success.

  • On-Benefit
  • On-Time
  • On-Cost
Our Story

A Little About Us

Management consultants with brand name firms and specialist boutiques, internal consultants at market leading organizations, entrepreneurs, turnaround CEO’s, and board members.

We researched and developed the advanced collaboration software and methods through over 330 projects, from Fortune 50 corporate strategies, global coalitions, and government policy development, to early-stage ventures, process improvement, and product innovation, to mergers, outsourcing contracts, and infectious disease strategies. 

Our solutions are based upon the work of Harvard professor Chris Argyris, Nobel Prize recipient Prof. Thomas Schelling, and our work in Relational Network Analysis. In recent years we have taught the derived concepts at leading business schools.

SchellingPoint is how we make them available and scalable to all those trying to produce value through coordinated action.


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