We analyzed over 330 organizational initiatives to provide consultants with modern tools for success.

The features and functionality enabling the modern management consultant to help clients assemble and realize more valuable, viable, and endorsed agreements, goals, and plans.

The most up-to-date, state-of-the-profession how-to education and training for taking a client from identification of a new need to creating sustained positive impact. 

Assemble your best goals and plans.

Smooth out your implementations.

Stronger outcomes, sooner, for less effort.

No more flipcharts and swirling meetings.

Use state of the art process.

Powered by digital collaboration technology.

What Consultants and Their Clients are Saying:

  • The most exciting innovation in consulting in over 20 years.

    Fortune 500
  • This is a different way to do business which fits our aspiration to be innovative.

    Healthcare System
  • I will no longer run a project without SchellingPoint.

    Strategy Consulting Firm
    Managing Partner
  • Your expert system saved me 15 to 20 hours of analysis work.

    Technology Consultancy
    Head of Strategy Services
  • Two years after the merger, the SchellingPoint piece was clearly the most influential on our success.

    Market Leading Software Company
    Integration Program Manager
  • The enterprise-wide process improvement attained its three-year goals by the end of year one thanks to SchellingPoint.

    Fortune 250
    Head of Change
  • By using this process they believe they will now be able to save the organization. (They did.)

    Public Sector Consulting Firm
    Client Partner
  • As a management team, we are producing higher results.

    High Tech Venture
  • …we completely accomplished the task that I thought was going to blow up.

    Manufacturing Enterprise
  • We are at least 5 years ahead of where a group would be who didn’t have the benefit of SchellingPoint.

    Board Member
    New Healthcare 501(c)3
  • …a raging success. The speed is impressive.

    European Commission Project Team
    Executive Director
  • We got a 2x ROI from the strategy in the first 3 months.

    National Financial Industry Association
  • I’ve run hundreds of group meetings in my career. I wish I’d had a tool like this.

    Fortune 100 Technology Firm
    Practice Leader
  • We had such a great success with the first alliance we set up using SchellingPoint that we’re using it again now.

    Chemicals Manufacturer
    Director, Business Development
  • The coalition members are still talking about the breakthrough we had using the SchellingPoint method.

    Global Healthcare Research Coalition
    Executive Director
  • The SchellingPoint approach accomplished in six weeks what normally takes us a year.

    National Healthcare Industry Association
  • We’d tried this internally and with outside consultants – this effort has been an unqualified success.

    Medium Size Enterprise
  • We are both keen that we do it again next year.

    CPG Company & Primary Innovation Partner
    SVP, Global Procurement
  • … much less burdensome than what we would have spent using traditional methodologies.

    Mid-size Services Firm
  • The outcome has been invaluable. We’re all deeply appreciative of the SchellingPoint process.

    High Growth Venture
  • The board’s talked for 20 years about having better conversations, and for the first time we are.

    Professional Services Firm
  • Once I saw the impact… I don’t think there has been a project where I haven’t used it.

    Fortune 100 Corporation
    Corporate Change Manager
  • This transformed standard OCM planning into a high impact, results-oriented approach.

    Specialist Consulting Firm
    Head of OCM
  • …bring our talents to bear with the client while removing many of the hum-drum tasks of consulting projects

    Boutique Consulting Firm
    Managing Partner
  • The Chairman said it was the best strategy he has seen them produce in 10 years.

    Strategy Consultancy


Better projects, happier clients, stronger firms

Three management consultants using SchellingPoint digital consulting software

Join the shift from analog to digital management consulting.


Maximize your value to the organization

Meeting room of internal consultants

Delight your internal clients with world-class management consulting process.


Accelerate your organization's progress

A leader with management consulting skills and the strategy team

Achieve more – by yourself and when using consultants.

Create coordinated action around


100+ Topic Templates available to get your collaboration started right.
  • BPO/Outsourcing
  • Business Plans
  • Change Management
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Culture Change
  • Customer/Supplier Relationships
  • Departmental Strategies
  • Digital Transformation
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Industry Coalitions
  • Innovation
  • IT Projects
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Policy Development
  • Process Improvement
  • Product/Service Strategies
  • Programs and Projects
  • Strategic Alliances & JV's
  • Sustainability
  • Transformation
  • Turnaround
  • Unique Proprietary Topics

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