Advanced Collaboration Software

The science for creating coordinated action


SchellingPoint Strategic Collaboration Software
  • SchellingPoint’s Advanced Collaboration Software enables groups to use the best decision-making, strategy development, and problem-solving methods available.
  • Efficiently assemble strong agreements, the most valuable goals, and viable plans using AI and Data Science powered collaboration software. 
  • Use the best management consulting models, rich topic templates, and rapid rigor to conduct first-class collaboration around strategic topics.
Transform the Strategic Collaboration Lifecycle from Start-to-Finish for Better, Faster Results

Leverage powerful technology in each step of the collaboration process

This image is SchellingPoint's Triple Helix of Project Collaboration - in this case highlighting examples of Advanced Consulting Software support for projects.
Features and Functions for Advanced Collaboration


Novel Collaboration Mathematics

Survey bar graphs don’t work for collaborative actions. So we bring you alignment and sentiment analytics generated from mathematics quantifying like-mindedness.

AI - Augmented Intelligence

Meet JOE, your personal assistant

JOE is augmented intelligence programmed for those running strategic collaborations. At the click of a button, trigger JOE’s brain. He’ll tell you all about your client’s thinking.

Guiding Hand Support

The right step, done right, every time

SchellingPoint’s Guiding Hand technology ensures you can conduct each step at the right time in the right way to get the right result.

Smart Frames

Save your brilliance for when it's needed

Innovative meta-frames designed for strategic collaborative actions do the vital but menial work for you.

Artifact Automation

Consistent Accuracy and Efficiency

The client’s goals and objectives need organizing into a scorecard? JOE knew that, so did it for you. After all, your time is precious.


Our Software, Your Brand

From branded interfaces to embedding your domain expertise within proprietary digital templates, make SchellingPoint yours.

What Clients are Saying:

I will no longer work with a client without it.

Business Strategy Consultancy

This is a different way to do business which fits our aspiration to be innovative.

Client CEO
Mid-Size Healthcare Company

This is the most exciting innovation in consulting in the last 20 years.

Client CFO
Fortune 500 Company

I have never had such a success in my life.

Solo Management Consultant
First use, 25 C-Level clients

JOE saved us 16 to 20 hours of client data analysis.

Head of Consulting Services
Mid-Size Management Consultancy

Enables better decisions from more insightful information than traditional consulting methods.

Head of Strategy and OCM Services
Mid-Size Boutique Consulting Firm

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