Creating genuine agreement around shared goals, plans, and actions.


  • SchellingPoint’s research into coordinated action founded the management science of Alignment Optimization.
  • Alignment Optimization ensures stakeholder endorsement and commitment are built-in features of any new agreement, goals, and plans.
  • Taught at leading business schools, as executive education, and a component of the advanced management consulting skills.  

Degree of Alignment

No longer "Are We or Aren't We?"

Alignment has been treated as a binary Yes/No. Now, alignment is recognized as a dynamic characteristic of any group. The question shifts from Are We Aligned? to How Aligned Are We?

Never Fully Aligned

No Group Ever Is

The Degree of Alignment of every group measured ranges between 44 and 83 on a 100-point scale. Even leadership teams one week after completing strategy development projects with brand name consultancies were never greater than 83. 

Uncoordinated Action

The barriers to coordinated action

There are 5 types of action and inaction people take which compromise coordinated action around a group’s strategies, projects, business relationships and other multi-party subjects.

4, 4, 3

Optimize Alignment

Within any group, there are 4 types of alignment, 4 states of alignment, and 3 reasons for misalignment. You won’t optimize and sustain strong alignment if you can’t surface and manage them. 

2 Categories of Alignment

It's not one question

Vertical and Horizontal alignment are two very different attributes of a group, with different implications and remediating actions for misalignment.

Ivy League Proven

Tested in academia, deployed in practice

Derived from the work of two former Harvard professors; Nobel Prize Recipient, Prof. Thomas Schelling, and Prof. Chris Argyris, plus SchellingPoint’s co-founders work in Relational Networks. Now taught at leading business schools.

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