Advanced Collaboration Methods

The shortest path to coordinated action



  • Marry your business and subject matter expertise with the state-of-the-art strategic collaboration how-to.
  • Learn how to take groups down the shortest path from the identification of a new need to sustained positive impact.
  • Learn decision-making and problem-solving methods for today’s uncertain, networked, agile world.
The Most Advanced Publicly Available Training on How to Conduct Strategic Collaboration

Derived from the direct study of over 330 strategies, transformations, mergers, innovations, management consulting, and change projects over the last decade.

This image is SchellingPoint's Triple Helix of Project Collaboration - in this case highlighting examples of Advanced Consulting Skills support for projects.
Take Your Collaborative Leadership Credentials to the Next Level

Valid Content

Filtering the information that adds value

When were you trained on how to surface from stakeholders the right content to become the raw material to drive successful goal-setting and problem-solving? What is the difference between a risk, a barrier, and a negative side-effect? Learn the shortest path from rich input to deep insight.

How-To, not Just What

Making the Toughest Projects Easy

Internal and external management consultants know the need for an endorsed Case for Action – but few can create one that is complete and accurate. This is just one of 33 tasks essential to assembling accurate, viable, and endorsed agreements, goals, and plans.

The Only Way to Know How

Experience does not always equal expertise

Would you want an architect who had not been taught Pythagoras’ Theorem, or a doctor who had not attended medical school? The advanced collaboration methods and skills are the ‘hard’ science enabling you to lead ‘soft’ collaboration. 

Outside In Systems

Tangible Quality

Most groups create agreements, goals, and plans that are rational and compelling but lack ‘technical integrity’ – they might feel right but are inaccurate and incomplete. The novel Outside In System frame ensures goals and plans are a situation’s most valuable and viable.

Genuine Endorsement

Foster and sustain true commitment

You know that executive’s Mona Lisa smile really means ‘No’, but what do you do about it? The techniques of Alignment Optimization enable you to maximize and maintain verified stakeholder alignment, within one organization, between two, or across multiple collaborating entities.

Ivy League Proven

Tested in academia, deployed in practice

Including the work of a Nobel Prize recipient, SchellingPoint’s applied research is taught at leading business schools on courses such as Managerial Decision Making and New Methods in Consulting.

What Clients are Saying:

This gave me the training and mentoring I didn’t receive when I joined my consulting firm.

Management Consulting
4 Year Strategy Consultant

The best strategy our chairman has seen in 10 years.

Fortune 500 Company

We’d tried this internally and with other outside consultants but this time has been an unqualified success.

National Policy Director
US Gov't Agency

Comparable to a 5-day Wharton training program. I wish I’d had these skills earlier in my career.

Management Consultant
Healthcare & Pharma Consultancy

I received my offer! Thanks, I would not have passed the case interviews if it wasn’t for your training.

Transformation & Change Consultant
Brand Name Global Consultancy

(To the consultant:) We want to let you know that we achieved our three-year objectives after one year.

Internal Consultant
Fortune 250 Global R&D Transformation

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