Advanced Management Consulting eLearning for Leaders and Managers


eLearning comprising 33 modules teaching the lifecycle of an advanced management consulting project. The course includes 12 months of access to SchellingPoint’s weekly training webinar plus the Certificate of Completion of the Advanced Management Consulting Core Skills course.


“For every project where we need a management consultant, there are 20 where we don’t, but now I can bring that class of thinking to my company’s opportunities and challenges.

With this knowledge, I am also in a better position to evaluate potential consultants, and can be a better partner and collaborator with those we do work with.”

CEO, North American Financial Services Company

Redefine Professional

You already possess

  • Industry knowledge
  • Company knowledge
  • Functional knowledge
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Intelligence and curiosity
  • Analytical skills
  • Leadership skills

Now you can add Advanced Management Consulting core skills to your list of competencies.

Did you

  • Rise up through the ranks of your industry?
  • Move from management consulting into the organization?

In either case, you are unlikely to have been formally trained in the how-to of conducting an end-to-end management consulting project. Yet in this win-by-an-inch economy, it is essential you have the best techniques to hand. 

The Advanced Management Consulting curriculum is derived from over two-hundred management consulting projects, across all types of organization, and is taught at leading business schools and to leading consulting firms. SchellingPoint identified thirty-three essential activities clients presume their management consultants are trained to perform, but in which few are.

Now, you too can learn the state-of-the-profession skills required to assemble a group around their most accurate, viable, and endorsed plans and guide them through to desired outcomes. The skills are universally applicable to:

Strategies  Policies  Programs  Charters  Roadmaps  Innovation  Mergers  Outsourcing  Transformations  IT Projects  Alliances  Process Improvement  Culture Change  Coalitions  …

any situation where you need to efficiently transform a group from “We each think this…” to “We all agree to do that…” to “We did it.”

Leaders and management consultants in advanced management consulting training

The Curriculum

The eLearning

  • You will be registered at the SchellingPoint online learning management site.
  • Your course comprises 33 modules covering each advanced management consulting skill across 11 project stages.
  • Each module comprises two lessons; the first explains the need for the skill and the consequence of not possessing it, the second presents business school grade examples, instructions, and interactive exercises, using state-of-the-art eLearning methods, to teach you the skill.
  • Each skill is one whose quality of implementation has a direct impact on the successful outcome of your initiatives, programs, and projects.
  • As you take each module, you apply your new learning in My Project.

Your Certificate

  • Through our 24×7 online eLearning platform, you learn the skills at your convenience.
  • However, these are not lessons where you can graze on a sandwich while clicking through screens. Each lesson requires 10 to 20 minutes of attention.
  • Course completion typically takes one to two months.
  • Upon successful completion of the eLearning course, you receive the Certificate of Completion of the Advanced Management Consulting Core Skills course.
  • For an additional fee, you can have your ‘My Project’ homework reviewed and approved by SchellingPoint to earn the Certificate in Advanced Management Consulting (CAMC).

12 Months of Real-Time Support

  • SchellingPoint hosts a weekly open attendance webinar for current and prior course students.
  • The attendees are c-level executives, managerial personnel, internal and external management consultants.
  • You receive an open invitation to the weekly support webinars; a recurring GoToWebinar invitation for Wednesday’s at 2 pm ET.
  • The webinar provides answers to questions raised while taking the course, and reinforcement as you use your new skills to design, lead and participate in collaborative initiatives.

The Impact

On You

  • Efficiently and effectively assemble colleagues, customers, and business partners around any subject, translating their diverse thoughts into coordinated action.
  • Know how to evaluate potential consultant’s task-level skills.
  • Collaborate better when management consultants are hired, particularly those also trained in Advanced Management Consulting.

On Your Team

  • Leadership, management and project teams flow more effortlessly when they share a common consulting dictionary, and common analysis, solutioning and governance skills.

On Your Organization

  • Your organization benefits from more confident and competent leadership, efficiently producing more valuable outcomes, sooner.

Happy customers applauding a successful consulting project


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