Advanced Collaboration Software

If you conduct management consulting, this is your software for taking a client from the identification of their new need to sustained positive impact. Supporting the Advanced Collaboration Process identified by SchellingPoint’s unique research, you can take your client along the shortest path from “We each think this…” to “We all agree to do that…” to “We did it.”

With powerful insights coming to you from our breakthrough AI for management consulting projects, JOE, plus real-time Guiding Hand™ notifications and automated artifact generation, you will consistently take client teams from start to finish with the speed and flow unavailable from analog consulting using desktop office apps and survey software. 


SchellingPoint’s Advanced Collaboration SaaS software, AOT, enables you to lead collaborative management consulting projects where two or more people need to assemble agreements, goals, and plans around a shared topic then attain those goals.

AOT supports any collaboration from two to tens of thousands of participants.

Uses include:

  • key decisions,
  • the innovation of products and services,
  • process improvement,
  • policy development,
  • program design and governance,
  • merger design and implementation,
  • BPO/outsourcing agreements,
  • joint ventures, customer/supplier relationships,
  • industry and professional alliances and coalitions,
  • transformation design, and
  • strategy creation and execution.

AOT is used to create new agreements and plans, analyze the state of current collaborations, and restore challenged or failing topics back to success.

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