Add Management Consulting

A leader with management consulting skills and the strategy team

  • You know your organization
  • You know your industry
  • You’re a master in your discipline
  • You have strong leadership skills

Add the same advanced management consulting skills used by the professionals and you just became unstoppable.

Learn the latest agreement and goal-setting frames and methods to consistently design, lead, and deliver successful multi-party initiatives within and outside your organization.


Redefine Best

The best consulting teams using SchellingPoint consulting skills and digital consulting software

Beyond industry expertise, project management, and technical training, few management consultants are trained on the specifics of how to execute a project from start to finish. 

Three consultants from the same firm would run your project three different ways, producing three different outcomes for you and your business.

Next time you turn to a management consultant, know those formally trained and enabled by SchellingPoint bring a state-of-the-profession package of skills, process, and automation.

The deliverables won’t just look right, they will be right.

Advanced Consulting Software

Advanced Consulting Skills

Advanced Consulting Process

SchellingPoint Strategic Collaboration Software
Advanced management consulting process

Use the software to rapidly take a group of people to shared goals and strong outcomes.

Learn the latest collaborative decision-making and goal setting skills.

Ensure you and your colleagues discuss the right things at the right time in the right way.

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to lead with a new class of collaboration skills

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