Enabling management consultants to increase their impact


SchellingPoint digital consulting software for management consultants

Enjoy assembling better goals and plans in less time using digital consulting software and automation.

Outcomes Focused

Start with the end in mind

SchellingPoint’s AOT enables you to take every client from “We each think this…” to “We all agree to do that…” to “We did it.”

New Consulting Functions

Beyond traditional consulting methods

New functions such as the Foundation Document, missing in traditional methodologies but essential for genuine stakeholder engagement, are automatically generated.

AI for Management Consultants

Meet JOE, your personal assistant

The AOT software includes JOE, our expert system for management consultants. At the click of a button, trigger JOE’s skills. She’ll tell you all about your client’s thinking.

Artifact Automation

Consistent Accuracy and Efficiency

The strategy needs a scorecard? AOT knew that, so assembled it for you. We understand how important it is to stay one-step ahead of the client!

Guiding Hand Strategy

The right step, done right, every time

SchellingPoint’s AOT is designed around our Guiding Hand strategy, so you can conduct every consulting step at the right time in the right way and get the right result.


Make AOT your consulting software

From branded interfaces to embedding your domain expertise in proprietary digital templates, make AOT yours.

Advanced Consulting Skills

Advanced Consulting Process