Learn the latest management consulting how-to


Leaders and consultants at advanced management consulting training workshop


Few have been trained in the core skills of management consulting.

Learn the latest foundations of consulting process excellence.

Increased Accuracy

Better outputs, better outcomes

Learn to help clients assemble goals and plans that are not just rational and compelling but possess ‘technical integrity’; beyond feeling right, they are right.

Valid Content

Filtering the information that adds value

When were you trained how to extract from interviews the right content to become the raw material for future discussions? What is the difference between a barrier and a negative side-effect? Advanced management consultants process such content with speed and accuracy.

Genuine Endorsement

Foster and sustain true commitment

You know that executive’s Mona Lisa smile means ‘No’ but what to do about it? The techniques of Alignment Optimization enable consultants to maximize and maintain verified stakeholder alignment.

Full Engagement

Beyond traditional consulting efforts

Consultants know the need for an endorsed Case for Action but few can create one.  Just one of 33 tasks essential to assembling accurate, viable, and endorsed goals and plans.

Verified Completeness

When are goals and plans fit for implementation?

What is a good strategy? SchellingPoint will teach you the information framework ensuring a project’s outputs are sufficiently complete and fit-for-purpose.

Ivy-League Proven

Tested in academia, deployed in practice

The core content is taught at multiple leading business schools on courses such as Managerial Decision Making, Consulting on Complex Problems, and New Methods in Consulting.

Train at your own pace

Business leader, internal consultant or external consultant, increase your impact through formal training in management consulting how-to.

We can come to you

Private Training

We train your consultants on the advanced management consulting skills, as-is or in the context of your proprietary methodology.

Trained to succeed

Consultant Training

Ensure that independent of their backgrounds, all of your consultants possess advanced management consulting skills.

Add key new skills

Leadership Training

Add state-of-the-profession management consulting skills to your current and future leader’s core managerial capabilities.

Advanced Consulting Process

Advanced Consulting Software