More successful projects requires a new way of working

Advanced Consulting Processs

Advanced management consulting process


Objective observation of over 200 projects surfaced how to streamline the consulting process to produce a better consulting product.

Rapid Rigorous Analysis

Accurate, not just rational

Few consultants were taught how to make relevant observations then draw accurate conclusions – yet that’s what most clients expect from them. DOCA prevents analysis paralysis and rational but inaccurate jumping to conclusions.

Transparent Triage

Rapidly pinpoint the necessary conversations

How do consultants transition from discovery to solutioning, pinpointing what needs to be discussed? This traditionally unstructured project room task becomes a collaborative triage process creating client commitment to the right conversations.

Succinct Solutioning

The straight line to valid goals and plans

Clients want action, so most consulting effort focuses on designing it – a root cause to most implementations suffering uncoordinated action. A different solutioning approach produces the four outputs required for coordinated action – one of which is actions.

Verified Viability

Mitigating the constraints

With groups seeing on average 61 different reasons why their own goals won’t work, clients need a process that better accommodates reality.

Discovery 2.0

Quality In, More Chance of Quality Out

The quantitative information and qualitative data seeding projects has been valuable but significantly incomplete. Now projects can work from complete fact and opinion datasets.

Reinventing Governance

Drift Happens

Few clients want to hear the implementation truth; the negative views, the ideas that failed, the new information that could disrupt their plans. To maintain alignment through to outcomes, a new governance method ensures reality is accommodated.

Advanced Consulting Skills

Advanced Consulting Software